Grand oasis



Who sails the boat?

Capt. Jeff Hurd will sail the boat. You relax and enjoy the ride.

Captain Jeffrey Hurd on The Grand Oasis in the BVI

What is the benefit of a trimaran over a traditional single-hull boat or a catamaran?

Stability and space. The trimaran allows for more space below and regardless of the waves, this boat gives a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Grand Oasis is a 60 foot Trimaran

Do I need to worry about sea sickness?

Very few visitors have an issue with this. However, if you do encounter a problem we have remedies to assist you.

"On other tropical trips my wife became seasick so this was a concern. We had zero issues with Captain Hurd on the Grand Oasis."
~Joe Hoeckele

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Bathing suits, t-shirts and shorts are the typical items our guests bring on board.

Is there a stereo on board for music?

Yes, we have a stereo with outside speakers as well as a CD collection for your listening pleasure. The stereo is also iPod compatible.

Can I request specialty items?

Absolutely. Specialty requested liquors and wines that are not normally a part of the standard ship's bar will require an extra fee. Please contact us for more information.

Can the Captain marry me and my loved one?

No. However, this can be arranged for an extra fee.

Grand Oasis in the BVI can marry you.

How does Capt. Hurd know what I like to do, drink and eat?

Before each charter, Capt. Hurd will send you a spreadsheet of questions so he can customize your trip to your liking.

Will there be places to shop?

Absolutely. Occasionally during the charter we will stop for provisions and shopping is available.

What are Captain Hurd's qualifications?

Jeff Hurd has more than 29 years of captain experience. He is a licensed, 100 hundred ton Master Mariner with the U.S. Coast Guard.

How do we know where we are going to go each day?

Captain Jeff will review the destination options with you each day after you have a gourmet breakfast. The options are limitless...secluded beach, snorkeling, hiking, diving, etc.

What is not included in the charter price?

Crew gratuity: customarily 10-15% of total fee.

Specially requested liquors and wines that are not normally a part of the standard ship's bar.

Dockage at client's request during the charter.

Dining ashore, bar tabs, shore excursions and shore lodging.

Scuba diving which is available to certified divers only. Cost is $30 per person per dive.