Grand oasis


2014/15 Rates for Grand Oasis

Capt Only - $9,900
Fully Crewed and Provisioned for:
up to 4 people - $11,000
5 people - $11,500
6 people - $12,000
7 people - $13,000
8 people - $14,000
9 people - $15,000
10 people - $16,000

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

What's included?

All food, drinks, activities, and beautiful views are included.
Scuba diving is $30 per person per dive. Diving is available to certified divers only. You supply or rent your own BC and regulator. We supply masks, fins, weights, tanks and the Dive Master. Please bring your dive card. You will be asked to sign a PADI liability release.

Captain-only prices - you pay for all the operating expenses and clean and cook for yourselves. Please contact us for additional details.